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If you want to reduce your time-to-hire and cut costs by 80%, use Flatwork: an all-in-one hiring & recruiting software with powerful features all built for simplicity.

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50% Faster

Enjoy the speeds that you have never experienced on other ATS tools.

80% decrease in costs

Why pay for features you don't need? Cut your costs with Flatwork ATS.

Nurture talents

Increase talent engagement with email sequences. No reply? Send a new email.
There can be only one

The all-in-one hiring and recruiting tool for startups

Applicant Tracking System

Career pages, hiring pipeline, candidate evaluation, email automation, Zapier integration, easy candidate import & export and more.

Recruiting Software

You can create talent pools, set up nurture campaigns, source candidate emails and phone numbers via our free Chrome extension on LinkedIn, Twitter, Github and other sites.
8 secs
Time to source a candidate's email address and start a nurture campaign
cheaper than alternative ATS tools

How Flatwork works

Get your startup hiring on all cylinders with Flatwork's all-in-one tool with smart emails, custom pipelines, AI resume screening, deep down resume search, free candidate sourcer and more.
Automate your emails

Automate the talent outreach and save time

  • Create email campaigns with rule sets to automate your emails.
  • Set conditions to whether the recipient opened or replied to your emails to increase open rates drastically.
  • Track the performance of each nurture campaign and control every aspect.
Send bulk emails via Flatwork ATS to candidates who applied to a job listing.
Click, click... 100 emails sent.

Send emails to multiple candidates with a single click

  • Select multiple candidates and send blast emails to all of them
  • Personalize your emails to get higher open rates
  • Check the status of your emails from the dashboard
Bulk email sending functionality via Flatwork ATS is shown
Why should it take longer anyway?

Create your own hiring pipeline in seconds

Adjust for each job listing

You can change your hiring pipeline for each job listing or keep the standard one.

Change the stages easily

You're not sure about the stages you have. You can add, update and delete your hiring stages.
A list of candidates shown with their stages on a hiring pipeline is shown on Flatwork ATS
Hiring is better with friends

Built-in team collaboration to hire

Invite your team and recruiters

You can invite your team and manage jobs and talent pools collaboratively.

Evaluate prospects as a team

You and your team can comment on any prospect and evaluate as a team with a few clicks.
A candidate's detailed information is shown on Flatwork ATS. The screen displays candidate's email, name, comments and the application details.
artificial intelligence the way it should be

AI pre-screening saves you time

Flatwork quickly ranks each candidate to save you time. Using job listing details and the resumes uploaded, this feature aims to speed up your hiring process.
Three candidates shown on a hiring software and one of them is shown to be hired.
Evaluate candidates

Rank each candidate with your team

  • Evaluate candidates for each role
  • Easily access the scores for each candidate
  • Score candidates with your teammates and get an average score
Personalized email functionality on Flatwork ATS is shown
Yeah... Free chrome extension!

Source candidate emails with 1-click

Finding the right candidates and recruiting them is tough. We make finding contact email addresses and phone numbers easy.

With our free Chrome extension, you can get an email and phone number information on Linkedin and source candidates from any website you source.
Add to Chrome
Flatwork's Chrome Extension gets email addresses and phone numbers from a talent's LinkedIn profile. The recruiter sources the talent via LinkedIn.

The right fit for any talent operation

Startups can use Flatwork ATS to quickly start hiring and recruiting.

For Startups & Small and Medium Businesses

Recruiters can use Flatwork to recruit and hire.

For Recruiters & Staffing Agencies

Enterprise HR Teams can use Flatwork

For Internal HR Teams

Hire faster than competition

Source talent and hire with Flatwork to save 1000's of hours in hiring and recruiting.