Hiring Software for Enterprise

Use Flatwork for your hiring operations to save time and money for your HR teams.

Enterprise-grade hiring & recruiting

All the features you need to get the hiring operation running in seconds, not days.

Manage 100,000s of candidates

Scale with your needs

Whatever your needs, we can support it. Our system scales with your organization's requirements.

No compromise in performance

You won't experience any issues as you increase the workload on Flatwork.

Integrate with your organization's applications

Become a part of your workflow

Let us know what integrations you need for your use case and our team will deliver.

APIs built for enterprise

We can deliver tailored APIs for your organization to get your operations running.

Get enterprise-level security for your data

Your data is safe with us

We offer custom solutions on top of your secure cloud offering to ensure your data is kept safe.

User-level security

Use our single-sign on and user-level permissions to ensure the access to confidential data is safe.

Get personalized services and priority support.

Flatwork's customer service and support teams are here to help your HR teams every step of the way.

Personalized Onboarding

We offer enterprise onboarding for all our customers to ensure your needs are met and you have the perfect setup.

Dedicated Success Manager

Your organization will get a dedicated success manager to support you.

Custom Integration Support

Our enterprise customers get tailored integration support to ensure Flatwork works with your tools and workflows.