Where startups come to hire 50% faster

It's harder than ever to find candidates and average time-to-hire is now 49 days. Flatwork halves that by giving you the tools to source candidates, nurture them and manage your hiring.
  • Complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Integrated talent sourcing extension
  • Personalized emails & talent nurturing

Why use Flatwork ATS for hiring?
Well, it's only the best tool for it.

50% Faster

Enjoy the speeds that you have never experienced on other ATS tools.

80% Cheaper

Why pay for features you don't need? Cut your costs with Flatwork ATS.

Simple onboarding

Save time, get started in minutes with our easy self-serve onboarding.

Nurture talents

Increase talent engagement with email sequences. No reply? Send a new email.

Unlimited talents

Don't limit your operations. Store your leads without limits.

Bulk emailing

It's all for speed. Send bulk emails to multiple candidates and entire pools.
There can be only one

The all-in-one hiring and recruiting tool for startups

Applicant Tracking System

Career pages, hiring pipeline, candidate evaluation, email automation, Zapier integration, easy candidate import & export and more.

Recruiting Software

You can create talent pools, set up nurture campaigns, source candidate emails and phone numbers via our free Chrome extension on LinkedIn, Twitter, Github and other sites.
8 secs
Time to source a candidate's email address and start a nurture campaign
cheaper than alternative ATS tools
Learning curve? No, thanks!

So simple. Start hiring without any complexity.

No wasted time on learning a tool
It's time-consuming to learn a new tool and train your team. With Flatwork, you use that time to simply post a job and find candidates.
Features what you absolutely need
Your startup doesn't need bloated features to hire new talents and grow. Flatwork makes sure the features you need work all the time, the way they should.
Flatwork ATS is super simple to get started within 60 seconds.

Talent sourcing made suuuuper easy.

Source talents with 1-click on LinkedIn

Our integrated sourcing tool lets you get email addresses and phone numbers of 147M contacts.

Increase reply rates by 80% with smart emails

Add your talent prospects directly to your talent pool and run nurture campaigns to dramatically increase reply rates.
  • Sequential Email Campaigns
  • Open Tracking in Emails
  • Reply Tracking in Emails
Add to Chrome
Talent sourcing on LinkedIn via Flatwork Chrome Extension

Startup-friendly pricing to save money

Pay for only what you need

Flatwork doesn't overcharge you for the bloated feature set you will never need. You only pay for the team members you invite to collaborate.

Get our special startup discount

Startups that work with one of our partners can get a discount of 70% per seat for 3 months.
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Manage your hiring pipeline with ease

Use Flatwork to see the status of each job, candidate and email with the global overview. Import and export candidates in seconds.

Personalized Emails

Send bulk emails to hundreds of candidates and personalize them for increased open rates.

Candidates Overview

View the status of each candidate for each listing and see their details with a single click.

Simple Import & Export

Import candidates by just uploading their resumes and export if you need to from your dashboard.

Hire faster than competition

Source talent and hire with Flatwork to save 1000's of hours in hiring and recruiting.