Job description

AI Machine Learning Engineer

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We are looking for Machine Learning Engineers who can apply AI/ML techniques and help us build solutions. Partnering with the business units, you will be working on the development of various data science models that address challenging business problems including acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention. You will have the opportunity to exercise creativity in problem solving by delivering inventive new solutions within our data ecosystem. We invite you to join a team of passionate engineers to elevate our customer experiences to the next level.

What You’ll Do

  • Develop and implement scalable and efficient models on large-scale datasets to address various business problems through using sophisticated statistical modeling, machine learning techniques.
  • Conceptualize, build, and maintain integrated machine learning systems that continuously operate in production while maintaining model baselines, addressing data and model drift, and continuous improvement
  • Solve challenging Data Science problems such as online learning, reinforcement learning etc. when solving business problems in digital marketing.
  • Gather, synthesize and interpret disparate quantitative information sources, develop meaningful insights and clearly disseminating to key partners
  • Collaborate with product marketing, product management and engineering groups to develop new products and features.
  • Create a winning culture built on collaboration and shared accomplishments- have fun along the way!

What You Need To Succeed

  • Deep understanding of statistical modeling, machine learning, deep learning and analytics concepts, and a track record of solving problems with these methods.
  • A strong proficiency in querying and manipulating large data sets for analytical purposes using SQL-like languages (Hive/Hadoop experience preferred)
  • Proficient in one or more programming languages such as Python, R
  • Curiosity in building and maintaining high-scale, production-ready machine learning systems using rigorous engineering principles
  • Strong analytical and quantitative problem solving ability.
  • PhD or MS degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Electrical Engineering, Operations Research, Econometrics, or other related fields.
  • Excellent communication, relationship skills, and a great teammate.