Job description

AWS DevOps Engineer

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The AWS DevOps Engineer is responsible for provisioning, operating, and managing AWS cloud environments. They work with development, operations, and security teams to deploy, operate, and scale AWS environments. They are also responsible for automating and improving the AWS environment.


  • Assists in defining automated monitoring, deployment and repair strategies using a wide variety of Ops tools and monitoring platforms.
  • Builds and maintains tools for deployment, monitoring and operations as well as troubleshoots and resolves issues.
  • Assists with the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes and mentors teams to assist with improving their processes.
  • Makes sure build and deployment processes are following known best practices.
  • Assists with the management and performance of the infrastructure and deployment of applications.
  • Evaluates third party software tools and libraries for enterprise needs with risk management.
  • Diagnoses, isolates, and debugs application problems and performs problem resolution.
  • Monitors systems capacity and performance to allow for scaling of high performance as necessary.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Required Skills:

  • This position requires strong experience with AWS integration with file and messaging using dockers, Terraform, GIT, etc
  • Typically requires 5+ years of relevant technical or business work experience with 3 years of experience in managing complex systems using software
  • General familiarity with networking, security and automated deployments
  • Requires expertise in Application Server and Web Server architecture in a large enterprise environment
  • Strong knowledge of high-availability, load-balancing and failover configurations across application, infrastructure, and platform components
  • Understanding of security design for enterprise software systems
  • Experience in common scripting language (shell, Python, Perl, etc.).
  • Proven ability to write clear and concise technical documents including design documents, specifications and technology roadmaps
  • Requires recent, demonstrable experience with GITLAB pipeline coding.
  • Capable to stitch together terraform , AWS CLI commands and BASH scripting to run on an EC2.
  • Ability to write and develop Terraform modules for different Infrastructure setup, installation and configuration
  • Recent experience with AWS CLI including S3, EC2, ASG, ELB, SFTP, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Lambda, etc.
  • Integration experience with micro services.
  • Preference for proven ability to design, implement and manage secure, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure environments
  • 5+ years Unix/Linux administration experience
  • Requires strong DevOps experience with Terraform, GIT, AWS CLI, BASH.
  • Proven depth of knowledge and experience with Python scripting language
  • Experience with a variety of other programming languages such as JSON, YAML, Boto3, etc.
  • AWS Certification and/or experience utilizing AWS services in a production environment is preferred