Job description

DevOps Engineer - Kubernetes

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The DevOps Engineer with Kubernetes will be responsible for building and maintaining the company's Kubernetes infrastructure. They will work with the development and operations teams to ensure that the Kubernetes infrastructure is able to handle the company's workloads. They will also be responsible for creating and maintaining the company's Kubernetes configuration files.


  • Developing, Testing, Debugging, and Troubleshooting of Containerized Infrastructure
  • Ensure solutions are well-engineered, maintainable, and delivered on schedule
  • Work with business and engineering partners to deploy new infrastructure for private cloud platform
  • Monitor the availability, latency, and overall system health. On-call incident and change management
  • Willingness to enhance the team learning environment by providing and encouraging mentorship and technical leadership


  • 2+ years deploying distributed apps with containers (Docker) & orchestration (Kubernetes, EKS, GKE)
  • 3+ years development experience in config management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform)
  • Demonstrated ability working within and building on AWS (IAM, Orgs, API Gateway, Lambda, KMS)
  • 4+ years Linux system engineering experience
  • 2+ years developing or infrastructure and application security for Highly Sensitive Customer Data & Environments (IAM, CI/CD, PKI)
  • 2+ years experience deploying with a CI orchestration service (Jenkins, Spinnaker)
  • 2+ years working experience scripting/programming language (Shell, Python, Golang, Ruby)
  • Experience with TCP/IP networking protocols and components as implemented in IAAS (i.e. VPC, TGW, route tables, security groups, etc.)
  • Experience with Log Management and Analytics tools such as Splunk / ELK
  • A continuous learner and a critical thinker.
  • A team player with great communication skills both verbal and written.