Job description

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Officer

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The Diversity Officer will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of diversity within the organization. They will develop and implement programs and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as train employees on cultural competence. The Diversity Officer will also investigate and resolve any complaints of discrimination or harassment.


  • Develop and deploy DEIB training based on cultural or community ethnographies.
  • Resource, develop and deploy EEO Anti-discrimination training to all managers, supervisors and workforce members
  • Develop and deploy DEIB Training module in support of new workforce member onboarding
  • Train hiring managers and HR staff on how to select, manage, evaluate and retain diverse employees
  • Partner with recruiting to:
  • Train hiring managers and interview panels on how to select, manage, evaluate and retain diverse employees.
  • Review selection criteria to verify objectivity.
  • Establish a standardized approach to panel interviews
  • Identify, develop, and deploy training for all interviewers to mitigate bias
  • Support hiring fairs and events as needed


  • High school diploma; B.A. Human Resources or related field
  • Minimum three to five year work experience in human resource operations/diversity inclusion and diversity vendor program management within the public or private sector.
  • Fundamental compensation analysis background a plus
  • Solid organizational and communication skills required
  • Project management aptitude required
  • Ability to multitask within fast paced field environment
  • Technical expertise in the system application of Excel, Widows, Outlook, Microsoft and PPT.