Job description

Junior Recruiter

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The junior recruiter will be responsible for sourcing and screening candidates for open positions within the company. They will work closely with the senior recruiter and hiring managers to identify the best candidates for each role. The junior recruiter will also be responsible for maintaining the candidate database and keeping track of all hiring activity. They will need to have strong communication and organizational skills in order to be successful in this role.

Job Responsibilities

  • Source a pipeline of qualified candidates by utilizing our proprietary applicant tracking system as well as various resume databases provided by our job board partners.
  • Achieve our volume and quality metrics for sourced candidates.
  • Evaluating applications, screening all qualified candidates and scheduling phone interviews for Senior recruiters.
  • Conduct interview confirmation calls ensuring candidates are prepared for their scheduled interviews.
  • Attend daily meetings with Talent Acquisition Director and/or Senior Leadership discussing nationwide sourcing needs and performance metrics.
  • Build relationships with every decision maker and hiring manager along the recruitment workflow.

Job Requirements

  • Have an eagerness to start a career in Talent Acquisition.
  • Must be professional, team-oriented by nature, yet have the ability to work independently.
  • Must be comfortable working in a metrics driven environment