Job description

.NET Developer

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The .NET developer is responsible for developing applications using the .NET framework. They must have a strong understanding of the C# programming language and the .NET platform. The .NET developer must be able to work in a team environment and be able to take direction from senior developers. They must be able to troubleshoot and debug .NET applications.


  • Update and improve code and infrastructure to drive technology forward
  • Create and develop online and offline customer acquisition programs
  • Own your development projects and create high-quality code for a product environment
  • Design and develop web applications across all tiers .Net, C#, JavaScript, React, SQL
  • Full stack, full life cycle development for all projects
  • Create end-to-end customer acquisition and analytics platforms utilized by Fortune 500 clients
  • Build new web applications that integrate with both internal and external systems
  • Develop intelligent digital advertising applications focused on real-time biddable media
  • Maintain and expand upon knowledge of multiple languages, frameworks, tools, devices, applications, and their capabilities
  • Design and build complex applications with an emphasis on performance, scalability, and high reliability


  • 3+ years full stack software development experience
  • Asp.Net, .Net Core, C# Development experience
  • JavaScript experience – React is preferred
  • Strong SQL or NoSQL experience
  • AWS experience is a plus
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture and/or Microservices
  • Experience with messaging technologies is a plus; RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ or Kafka
  • Previous experience working at a Startup, Retail, Digital Marketing and/or Ecommerce business is very important
  • Ability to work collaboratively with cross functional teams and departments
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Math, Finance, Business or Marketing