Job description

Senior Data Architect

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The Senior Data Architect works as an advanced technical lead within the BI team to deliver short and long-term BI and EDW initiatives. This individual designs, develops, implements and continuously refines data warehouse architecture, data integration methods, and end-to-end data flows.

What we are looking for:

  • Background using multiple data storage technologies including relational, document, key/value, graph and object stores
  • A deep understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of each storage technologies and ability to select the appropriate tool based on use case requirements
  • Hands on experience with AWS Cloud storage technologies including RDS, DynamoDB and S3
  • Ability to design and implement high availability, multi-region data replication for mission critical applications
  • Experience designing and implementing data management solutions that enable Data Quality, Master and Reference Data Management, and Metadata Management.
  • A track record of designing and implementing end-to-end data pipelines supporting both production and analytic use cases
  • Experience designing and implementing event based stream processing solutions using technologies such as Kafka, Kinesis, Spark and Flink
  • Demonstrated ability to partner with internal product and intent owners to help define requirements and outcomes for data-focused initiatives
  • Ability to decompose large problems and execute smaller, manageable bodies of work to demonstrate continuous architecture delivery
  • Ability to communicate complex technical topics and trade-offs to business stakeholders


  • Define the target state architecture for horizontal data services and platforms
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders, peers in Enterprise Architecture and engineering teams.
  • Make and document key architectural decisions for Agile delivery teams
  • Review delivery team designs and assess alignment with target architecture and relevant policies
  • Develop standards for publishing, modeling and protecting data