Job description

Training Specialist

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Responsible for facilitation, training, coaching, and developing Triumph team members in line with the Organization's strategic plan. Training responsibilities encompass content creation and maintenance, as well as design and delivery of organizational training programs. Coaching responsibilities encompass individual one-on-one coaching for skills development during the initial training period and supporting post-training coaching, as needed. Works closely with business leaders to support the ongoing development of team members and is a key member of the Talent & Organizational Development Team.


  • Facilitate and lead training classes using a variety of delivery methods. Trainings include new hire training, workshops, on-the-job training, and side-by-side coaching.
  • Delivers developed curricula in a consistent manner demonstrating proficiency in foundational facilitator competencies.
  • Displays solid knowledge of industry, company, systems, course content, and materials.
  • Must be familiar with all Organizational policies and procedures that are job-related and/or consistent with business necessity.
  • Report on progress of team members under guidance during training periods (30/60/90 days, etc.).
  • Assist team members with problems concerning "how to" perform specific tasks related to their positions.
  • Work with Senior Training Manager regarding content delivery methods and scope of priorities for class schedules and need.
  • Maintain the Learning Management System (LMS) including employee records, reports, and training offerings.
  • Serve as a backup to monitor required training on a monthly and quarterly basis, providing delinquency and completion reports quarterly to the Senior Training Manager.
  • Coordinate with business leaders and team members to achieve full participation in optional and required training through proper communication channels.
  • Responsible for training logistics to include booking rooms for training and non-department trainers, coordinating with IT and Facilities to maintain/update training room issues within the Organization.
  • Classroom Management, pre-class preparation, post class debrief; coach and deliver feedback to participants; escalate concerns to Training Manager, Human Resources, and team member's direct manager, as warranted.
  • Originate, design, and create Triumph University training-related documents, materials, and presentations, as needed.
  • Review and edit training content for consistency and design and identify improvement opportunities for course and courseware materials through delivery and proofreading of course materials to ensure procedures, exercises and practices work as written and meets department standards.
  • Produce targeted and tangible results by creating an effective and efficient work environment.
  • Perform other responsibilities and duties, as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferred) or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of two years of training and development experience required.
  • Retail bank experience, preferred.
  • Superior communications skills, both written and oral, including excellent presentation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service abilities.
  • Critical thinker with innovative problem-solving skills to resolve novel problems quickly and with sound judgment.
  • Ability to resolve problems quickly and with sound judgment.
  • Ability to work independently, as well as follow direction/instruction, as warranted.
  • Be a strategic thinker with excellent time management skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain flexibility in a changing environment.
  • Ability to research, multi-task, prioritize, escalate issues and remain organized is essential.
  • Ability to maintain confidential customer, employee and Bank information in a responsible and secure manner.
  • Must be proficient in use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and course authoring tools.
  • Must be able to travel 15% to training events.