Best Tools to Find and Interview Remote Candidates

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Finding and interviewing remote candidates can be a challenge, but with these tools, you'll be able to find the right person no matter where they are. Uncovering the right remote talent can be difficult, but having the right tools can make things a little easier. Hiring remote talent is a hot topic today. It's also a growing trend. If you're hiring remotely, it can be difficult to find the right people. Written below are some of the best tools for finding qualified candidates who've done the work before—and interviewing them on video so that you don't have to travel long distances or spend time meeting in person (or both).

With a smartphone, you can hire anyone anywhere in the world with the help of these tools. If you're looking to hire remote candidates, there's no need to settle for local talent—you can find the perfect person from anywhere in the world with these tools.

  • Use your smartphone to find remote talent.
  • Find candidates on social media channels and messaging apps such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Use tools that help you organize candidates' information so that it's easy for you to evaluate them before reaching out.
  • Conduct interviews via video chat services like Skype or Zoom instead of requiring candidates meet in person at a set time every day (or week). This also gives more flexibility for working parents who may not be available during office hours but want an opportunity at work-life balance.

Some tools can be used to find candidates, while others are best suited for organizing and preparing them before interviews. These tools will help you uncover new candidates, and then organize and prep them before interviews.

Here are some of our favorites:


Discover new candidates by making use of Twitter's advanced search engine. You can use Twitter's advanced search feature to find new candidates by searching for people who are talking about the type of work you want to hire for. This will help you find the right person and make the hiring process more efficient.


LinkedIn is a great tool for finding and interviewing remote talent and it gives you access to more than 380 million professionals worldwide.

LinkedIn’s advanced search engine is a great resource for finding remote talent. LinkedIn’s search engine can help you find candidates who are not currently looking for work, which means the candidate will be more likely to accept your offer if offered one.

Pre-Employment Personality Testing

Use Pre-Employment Personality Testing to gauge if a candidate is the right fit for your company and its work environment.  Personality testing is a great way to gauge whether or not a candidate is the right fit for your company. Candidates who are looking for jobs will often apply to multiple openings, so using pre-employment personality testing can help you ensure that each candidate's skills match what you need in the position.

Not only will this save you time from pursuing a candidate who won't work out, but it can also lead to finding the perfect person for your team! When asked about how personality tests have helped companies find the right employee, Leslie Cervantez of Teambuilder said: "When we use our Pre-Employment Personality Testing as part of our recruiting process and make sure that we have excellent hiring managers in place, we really do get better results than other firms."


Posting jobs on AngelList allows you to draw from a pool of 8,000 startups and 5,000 investors globally. Some of our favorite features include:* A global reach - AngelList is available in 20 different countries.* An integrated hiring platform - You can post jobs, manage candidates, and even interview all within the same platform.* No fees for companies with less than $20M in revenue (and only 2% annual fee for companies over $20M).

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an excellent source for finding developers who are active in their community and knowledgeable about programming languages, frameworks and technologies.

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for programmers. It's a great resource for finding developers, and it's also an excellent source for finding developers who are active in their community.

If you're looking for someone with expertise in programming languages, frameworks and technologies then Stack Overflow can be a great place to start your search.


Quickly find remote talent on Craigslist by searching your city's forums with these search strings.  If you're looking for remote talent, Craigslist is a great place to start. By searching for jobs by location and job title, you'll find a large number of opportunities in your area. But if that doesn't narrow it down enough, there are other ways to search as well:

  • Search by keywords: If your company has a specific skill set (such as "SEO" or "Python") that every candidate must have then it's worth searching for those terms. You can also search based on skill level or time commitment—for example, if you're looking for someone who is an intermediate-level developer with two years' experience available immediately and can work 40 hours per week at $40/hour (which adds up to $80K per year).


With UpWork (formerly oDesk), you have access to 1 million contractors who are waiting to be hired across 70 countries and 1,000 skill sets — all at no cost.  

Upwork is a great resource for finding and interviewing remote talent. It is the largest marketplace for freelancers in the world and has a great reputation for finding high quality contractors. The platform allows you to post a job, interview candidates, and hire them all online. To find jobs on Upwork, go to their homepage and select "Post a New Job" from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

The site will take you through some questions about your project before allowing you to post it publicly or keep it private by setting an expiration date for when it will be available only by invitation (between 1 day and 30 days). When posting publicly, you'll have access to hundreds of thousands of freelancers across 70 countries and 1 thousand different skill sets—all at no cost!


Remember, you can always hire remote talent for your business. It’s a great way to expand your workforce and get talent that might otherwise be difficult to find locally or nationally. With the help of these tools, finding and interviewing candidates has never been easier.

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