How to Set Up A Productive Home Office

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Part of the charm of working from home is that you can work from the breakfast table, the couch or your bed, but if you have been at it for a while now you may have realized that working from every part of your home kind of ruins the idea of home as a relaxing place. You start associating formerly relaxing places like the couch with work. The quickest way to get out of this mindset is to designate a work spot for yourself. You do not need an entire room to turn into an office. A quiet corner with a desk and a comfortable chair will do. Here are some ideas for your work space:

Avoid Distractions

You might think now that you are outside of the office, there are less distractions but you would be surprised at how distracting a home environment could be, especially for people who live with other people. Try to avoid distractions from the outside noises, other people in your living environment and of course the internet. You can use noise canceling headphones to tune everyone out, and for the internet we recommend using blocker apps that block certain websites for limited amounts of time.

Personalize Your Mini-Office

Personalization goes a long way. You will be spending a good amount of time here, so get comfortable. Bring some plants if that's your thing, put an electric kettle and some tea bags or coffee next to you, and put up some nice decorative pictures around.

Set up a Schedule and Don't Forget to Leave

Yes this your home, not an actual office so it may be tempting to have a really flexible schedule. After all that's part of what is so great from this arrangement, but even when you are completely on your own time to complete a project before a deadline resist the urge to live on a chaotic schedule. Spread out the work, take routine breaks and don't forget to leave the office every once in a while even the one that at the corner of your living room!

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