What's New and What's Coming

All the updates, improvements, bug fixes from Flatwork. Plus, you'll get to see what we are working on.

What's Coming

Q4 2022

Candidate Reply Integration on Gmail

This will be a crucial update for all users as it lets users to

  • See candidate replies directly on candidate details
  • Set up nurture campaign rules based on candidate replies
  • See the reply rates on the campaign and nurture analytics

Q3 2022

Chrome Extension & Talent Pool

This will be an update the recruiters will love as it's dedicated solely to their needs.

  • Create talent pools and add prospects easily
  • Free Chrome Extension to get candidate details from LinkedIn (email address and phone number.
  • Setting up nurture campaigns to send emails to the prospects

Latest Releases

September 1st 2022

Beta Launch of Flatwork ATS

  • Create your company, career site, post jobs, share your job post with candidates.
  • Send bulk emails to any number of candidates using our Gmail Integration
  • Setup nurture campaigns and send rule based emails to candidates
  • Customize your hiring pipeline