Email Communication via Applicant Tracking Systems

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What is email integration?

Email integration is a process that allows you to import candidates from your email account into your ATS. This can help you save time by automatically importing relevant candidate information from emails, as well as make it easier to find the right candidates.

By integrating with MailChimp or Constant Contact, for example, you can set up automated emails to be sent out after someone submits their application (such as a thank-you note).

Integrating your ATS with your email account is a way to streamline your hiring process.

When you integrate the two, candidates can submit resumes directly through their email accounts or phone numbers. This means they don't have to waste time uploading documents or dealing with the heavier workload of re-uploading them every time they make a change.

Integration saves you time and effort, so it's worth looking into if you're interested in improving efficiency. However, there are some drawbacks: integration won't work for all businesses or industries, and it can be expensive if not done correctly by a third party expert who understands ATS software integration well enough to do it in-house instead of outsourcing this task entirely.

It can take time for an HR department to sift through applications, select candidates, and schedule interviews.

The first step for an HR department is to sift through applications. This can be a long, arduous process that involves finding the right candidates and then scheduling interviews. There are many ways to streamline this process:

The first thing you want to do is make sure all resumes are in one place. The best way to do this is by creating an applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS software allows you to centralize all of your applications into one database, so they can be easily searched and filtered down as needed during the hiring process.

There are many different types of ATS software available today, ranging from free options like Google Docs (with its ability to create forms) up through enterprise-level systems with complex integrations with other internal tools or third party platforms such as Salesforce or Workday for payroll services

Email integration is a great option for small businesses that can’t afford a fully automated ATS.

Integrated ATSs are less expensive than their fully automated counterparts, but they still offer many of the same benefits without the hefty price tag. For example, an integrated system will help you stand out from competitors by improving your communication with applicants and making it easy for them to apply.

In addition to helping you find the right candidates, an integrated ATS can help you stand out from competitors by improving your communication with applicants.

One of the most effective ways to communicate with applicants is via email. You can send out application status updates, reminders and notifications, as well as job offers, contracts and other documents.

Even if you don't have an ATS in place at the time of this writing—or if your applicants don’t have access to one—emailing them will still allow you to get your message across effectively.

An integrated ATS can save you time and make you more efficient while hiring new employees.

It helps you find the right candidates, stand out from competitors by improving your communication with applicants, and save money on software purchases. It's a great option for small businesses that can't afford a fully automated ATS.

Let's discuss more about sending emails via applicant tracking systems, shall we?

It's easy to send emails using your applicant tracking system (ATS). All you have to do is log in, click on the candidate's profile and type away. But when it comes to sending an email, there are a few things you should know about how ATSs work before you start writing. We will dive deeper and explain how ATS emails are different from regular emails and what happens if the candidate doesn't get your message.

What's an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system is a software application that automates the process of screening, sorting and tracking applicants. It's usually used by large companies with multiple job openings to streamline their hiring process.

What's the difference between an ATS and email clients?

  • ATS systems are automated, while email clients are not.
  • ATS systems are more secure, while email clients are not.
  • ATS systems are scalable, while email clients are not.
  • ATS systems can be used to send emails from any location and device, but email client software requires an internet connection to send emails from outside your organization's network (and thus is unsuitable for some job applications).

How are ATS emails different from regular emails?

ATS emails are not like regular emails. They serve a very specific purpose, which is to automate the process of applying for jobs and interviewing candidates. The ATS will send an email through its system to your inbox with information about the job opening, including all of the details you need in order to apply. If you're invited for an interview, the ATS will send an email with information about where it will be held and how long it will last.

If you've ever received an email from a company or organization that doesn't seem like it came from them (it might have been sent by "info@companyname"), then this is probably because someone else was using their applicant tracking system at that time.

What are the downsides of using an applicant tracking system?

There are a number of downsides to using an applicant tracking system. First, the ATS is not a substitute for a recruiter and cannot answer questions about the company or position. It can’t provide the personal touch that you get when talking directly with someone who is familiar with your company and has access to its inner workings.

Finally, many candidates want to feel special and unique—like they have been hand-selected for this role (or at least given preferential treatment over other applicants). This is something an ATS just can’t do.

How do I send an email using an applicant tracking system?

  • Use the default email template.
  • Make sure the candidate is a perfect fit for the position.
  • Make sure you are sending to the correct person and/or email address.
  • Send at the right time: not too early or late in your hiring process, but not too soon after receiving an application either.

What happens if the candidate doesn't get my email?

  • Email the candidate. Send an email to the candidate's personal email address. If you don't have it, try sending an email to their work email address or LinkedIn profile.
  • Send a tweet. If all else fails, send them a tweet! Twitter can be a great way to connect with job candidates if they are not responding well to your emails or messages.

ATS emails can be a great way to connect with candidates who don't check their spam folder.

A tracking system email will reach the candidate's inbox, and they'll know it's legitimate because it comes from a company they've applied to. If the candidate doesn't check their spam folder, the ATS email may be the only way you'll ever get in touch with them again.

How does The Flatwork do all this?

The Flatwork is an all-in-one hiring & recruiting software with powerful features all built for speed. Flatwork is an all-in-one tool with smart emails, custom pipelines, AI resume screening, deep down resume search, free candidate sourcer and more. In regards to ATS Email Features, The Flatwork has built a comprehensive feature that meets all needs.

You can automate the talent outreach and save time:

  • Create email campaigns with rule sets to automate your emails.
  • Set conditions to whether the recipient opened or replied to your emails to increase open rates drastically.
  • Track the performance of each nurture campaign and control every aspect.

You can send emails to multiple candidates with a single click:

  • Select multiple candidates and send blast emails to all of them
  • Personalize your emails to get higher open rates
  • Check the status of your emails from the dashboard


In summary, the main benefit of ATS emails is that they’re guaranteed to reach candidates who don’t check their spam folder. However, it's important to note that they're not a replacement for regular emailing methods and shouldn’t be used all the time.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your hiring process, an integrated ATS may be the solution for you. Not only can it help you find the right candidates and schedule interviews, but it also helps keep all of your communication with applicants in one place. This means that when someone applies for an open position at your company, they won't have to send their resume through email—they can just upload it directly into the system!

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